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Project Awakened Abilities/Combat Demo
Project Awakened Kickstarter

Gonna be spamming a bit of Project Awakened stuff for a bit; sorry.

Seriously, this game NEEDS to happen. I mean, it’s a game where you have:

To some people that may not be that great, but balls to them they don’t have to play it. C’mon guys, look at those stretch goals! More abilities, multiplayer, mod-support!

If Homestuck The Game can get almost $2.5 Million Dollars of support, this should be able to as well!

It currently has about $150000 in support, but it needs $500000 by March 6 or it ain’t happening. So, if you want to see this game made real, just pledge a little bit to their kickstarter! They’ve got some sweet rewards there too if you’re into that.

So please guys, just go donate a dollar or two to their kickstarters; give this thing a chance.

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