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I just think using either of those words is ridiculous and uncalled for.

I don’t think the term “cracker” is on the same level as the N word. It might hurt feelings yes but it’s the same as being called an asshole, or a douchebag, in my opinion.

Nowhere, from what I’ve seen, has the word cracker been used as an oppressive term on the levels of the N word, so, again, I see it less as a slur, and more as a generic insult, one of which people can easily brush off.

  #umbreongal    #you can be hurt by it but really cracker is less hurtful than the n word    #at least when you take into account the groups who use it and its etymology    #not saying you can't think it's as insulting as the n word    #but at the same time you have to take into account the meanings of the words    #and how they're used  

Like seriously that whole mindset of “oh they didn’t mean it in a racist way” is honestly kind of bullshit

Say I pull out a gun and shoot you in the arm. I can preach endlessly about how I wasn’t trying to kill you, but that doesn’t make the bullet any less lethal.

  #racism    #should i put this in the tag?    #idk maybe- just so i can keep track of it    #really i think this can apply to slurs in general- not just racist ones    #just because you don't mean for something to be offensive doesn't mean it isn't offensive    #like seriously how hard is that to understand?  

When someone shouts the N word, people always assume it’s a joke- “Don’t be offended! It wasn’t meant in a racist way!”

But as soon as the term cracker or honky is used to describe a white person, people are up in arms over racism against white people.

Ain’t that just a peachy thing.


say your fucking prayers nanako


say your fucking prayers nanako


this is my favorite tweet in the whole world


this is my favorite tweet in the whole world

  #man i used to like him but now he's kind of just shit    #i'll still watch his videos but don't expect me to recommend him to anyone anymore  

I’ve been tagged by fargut to list my top 10 favourite games. This is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve done but hey, here they are in no particular order:

I’m gonna tag talas-amaze-blog, nyapanzer, trixify, jexima, perplexedcam, annnndddd gayscalyoctopus
(ps you guys don’t have to add reasons- i just did it because i have a lot of feelings about vidya) 



I think I have a job now

Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.
Goethe (via whats-out-there)


Let’s Find Pokémon: Crystal

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The nerd station. (Minus posters I have yet to hang)

  #it's beautiful    #my dream setup would look something like this tbh  
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